Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A slice of my life

This is the insides of my lunch sack. When I first started work I packed myself a lovely salad, a cut up apple, some corn chips. Then I got busy and through in some peanuts and bought a pop from the machine. I tried keeping yogurt in the mini-fridge, but yogurt is sometimes so unappetizing. Today I had a whopper!

I always carry reading material and knitting with me. You never know when you can get a few rows in and a book is always nice when you are eating alone. (Don't feel sorry for me, I like eating lunch by myself).

This is kind of funny. When I first walked in on this little Sprite, all bandaged up with a sling I thought ohmygoshwhatintheworldhashappened and then I noticed the very colorful sling and 'Bob the Tomato' bandages and knew something wasn't quite right.

Turns out is was 'Affliction Night' and the Wednesday Night kids club. What morbid bible study leader chose the theme of afflictions for a kids program, I'd like to know? It was crazy, weird to see about 75 kids come out of church on crutches and fake casts.

I asked if the lesson that night had to do with helping others or caring for the sick and she said no. It was just to have fun dressing up like you were afflicted. Weird, eh?

Here is the view from the freeway on my home. I hope you like it because I almost rear ended the guy in front of me while taking it.
See that big boat? There is a big navy shipyard that I pass everyday. It is so strange to see these big metal things up close.
Also, in unrelated picture news, I am totally rocking the old lady skirt at work. The Goodwill had clothes half price yesterday. I got a 100% Pendleton Woolen Mill gray skirt, mid calf with an elastic waist for only $2.50. I just know that an elderly lady probably just died in a nursing home and I am wearing her skirt. But I'm okay with that. And I thank that lady for buying quality clothes and I hope she somehow knows that she is a blessing to me.
I also got three other skirts and two cardigans all for under $30.00. I am nothing if not thrifty.
And why, oh why? does my blog sometimes center itself? I guess it's the perfect end to this whacky, randomness.
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Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Is that Real Simple magazine?
I don't have any magazine subscriptions and rarely buy any except we have a "donated magazine" table at our library and you can get magazines, usually less than 6 months old, for 21 cents. I always scoop the Real Simple and decorating mags.

I love your lunch bag, so cute!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I LOVED Winter Solstice! Great book:)
The afflicted...that is too funny! When our kids studied that in Sunday School (pre-K kids) they put band-aids on each other. What a riot.

Kaylen said...

Hey----that looks like a particular Puget Sound naval shipyard I know of!! I love passing by those ships, no matter how many times I do, I always think of them as surreal in that so many people actually LIVE on them year round.