Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Again with the Technical Difficulties

No, I have not abandoned you, my internet lovelies.

We are experiencing internet hook up problems here in the midwest. I have to go to the library to check my email!

I miss checking up on your blogs and I've actually had some good ideas for posts, but it's difficult here. Hopefully, we will back up and running shortly. Don't feel neglected!

Quick update:

I am getting ready for my first 5K. I am running and it hurts, but it's a goal I have, so I'm gonna do it.

I have learned to waltz for a show I'm in this spring. Lots of fun and lots of rehearsals.

Spring has arrived. There is no more snow and now there is tons of yard work to do.

Volleyball is over and soccer is beginning. Our kids have too many activities.

I've started making granny squares for an afghan. It's all the rage. I'll show you as soon as I'm up again.

I have been spending time with lots of lady friends. It is so nice, this sisterhood I have here in town. I wish I could introduce you all to my real life friends. I think you would all suit.

Blessings to you, friends! I'll read you again, ASAP.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A referral for you

I have found a new blog that I love. Erin at Dress a Day is a fabric and sewing genius. She really has the best clothes.

But what I love most are the stories she tells. Go over and click on the Secret Lives of Dresses. Each one is a little vignette about a woman from the perspective of the dress she wears. The stories are beautiful and poignant and I wish I could read a whole book like this.

Erin has inspired me to sew my own dress, although I am procrastinating my project just a tad. I know I'll get to it, I just need to find the perfect fabric. When real spring hits (we had snow again) I know I will get tired of yarn and will want to move on to something lighter.

Anyone else follow a bunny trail that led you to a great blog?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

More about yarn

I'm not sure you can get the full effect, (it looks kind of hairy here) but the yarn for this shrug is amazingly soft and it was only $1.00 a skein. I really hope it turns out. I think I would be proud to wear it.

Did you see Cameran Diaz/Kate Winslet movie where they switch houses at Christmas? (I know I just saw this not too long ago but can't remember the name.) Cameran's clothing in that movie was extremely soft and amazing. She wore these cashmere sweaters to SLEEP IN! that must have cost hundreds of dollars. I want soft clothes. And if I can't afford them, maybe I can make them.

I've been practicing different style hats, too. This one is almost right but not quite. I ended up giving it to a friend with way more hair volume than I have. It looks kind of rasti on her. Very cute and hip for the forty-something mom that she is.

Why is it that when I take pictures of myself I look all wonky? Must be the close range. Elsie Flannigan never looks wonky. My nose is not that long. I'm obsessing. Moving on. I'm in the bathroom and those are towels hanging out of the cupboards. I've said it before - I'm an excellent wife but a lousy housekeeper.

Anyway... I also love the movie Elizabethtown. I think it is one of my favorites. Kirsten Dunst wears this red hat that kind of looks like a beret but isn't. Super cute and I want one. But not red. I thought this stripe might be fun but I think I'm more of a solid color girl.

Here is the aerial view. The stripes are a little off line but it is just a practice hat.

I'm really trying to do a good job of finishing what I start, so maybe blogging about the shrug will keep my going until I have a finished product to show you.

Wow, this is quite the post. Rambling all over hill and dale, or should I say purls and knits, with a little bit of insecurity thrown in for good measure. Aye yi yi.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yarnit - Rhymes with Darnit

Do not ask me why this photo is sideways. I've tried a couple of times now and blogger keeps being stupid.
Just tilt your head a little and you will get the right effect.
And the paragraphs are stupid, too. Not my fault!
Moving on... This is my friend, who is an amazing crocheter. She is part of my Wednesday knitting club, even though she is crocheting, we let her in. This garment was done up like a giant doily, with arm holes left open. It really is a beautiful piece of clothing.
The other picture features my desperate face. I spent a couple of hours trying to undo this tangled piece of yarn. Longer than it takes to knit the hat my daughter wants. Finally, with some very patient untwisting, I have a nice ball of yarn. I almost had to throw the dang thing away.
I have a beautiful project to show you that I started this week. I hope, hope, hope it will fit me when it's finished. It's this lacy like a cloud shrug in a very soft, light green. I've never tried anything like it, so we'll see.
I'm also waiting on another skein of blue that I ordered in order to finish the winter sweater that just needs some ribbing around the vee neck. But the snow is melting (yay!) so I wonder if I will finish it this year. I may put it away 'til fall.
Okay, this is just an all around crazy looking post. What the heck is wrong with my paragraphs?
I'm too lazy to redo this, so I hope you can muddle through the mess. I'll try another post tomorrow, hopefully with better success.