Thursday, March 15, 2007

More about yarn

I'm not sure you can get the full effect, (it looks kind of hairy here) but the yarn for this shrug is amazingly soft and it was only $1.00 a skein. I really hope it turns out. I think I would be proud to wear it.

Did you see Cameran Diaz/Kate Winslet movie where they switch houses at Christmas? (I know I just saw this not too long ago but can't remember the name.) Cameran's clothing in that movie was extremely soft and amazing. She wore these cashmere sweaters to SLEEP IN! that must have cost hundreds of dollars. I want soft clothes. And if I can't afford them, maybe I can make them.

I've been practicing different style hats, too. This one is almost right but not quite. I ended up giving it to a friend with way more hair volume than I have. It looks kind of rasti on her. Very cute and hip for the forty-something mom that she is.

Why is it that when I take pictures of myself I look all wonky? Must be the close range. Elsie Flannigan never looks wonky. My nose is not that long. I'm obsessing. Moving on. I'm in the bathroom and those are towels hanging out of the cupboards. I've said it before - I'm an excellent wife but a lousy housekeeper.

Anyway... I also love the movie Elizabethtown. I think it is one of my favorites. Kirsten Dunst wears this red hat that kind of looks like a beret but isn't. Super cute and I want one. But not red. I thought this stripe might be fun but I think I'm more of a solid color girl.

Here is the aerial view. The stripes are a little off line but it is just a practice hat.

I'm really trying to do a good job of finishing what I start, so maybe blogging about the shrug will keep my going until I have a finished product to show you.

Wow, this is quite the post. Rambling all over hill and dale, or should I say purls and knits, with a little bit of insecurity thrown in for good measure. Aye yi yi.


Sarah Louise said...

The Holiday was the movie you're thinking of.

And I loved Elizabethtown too.

Love seeing what you've made--so beautiful!!

I have some craft projects that have deadlines coming up--I am officially inspired now that it's time to go to bed...

wilsonian said...

"Why is it that when I take pictures of myself I look all wonky?"

I always think you look beautiful, so it must just be a matter of perspective.

Amy said...

ah, I am so envious. I would love to be able to do this!!

I don't think there's a single "wonky" thing about you, either.

Sarah Louise said...

Agreed--I think you look beautiful too. I think it's like when we hear our voice recorded. "That's not how I sound!"

Amy A. said...

Oh, man. Now you all think I was asking for compliments or something. You are nice and I am sometimes too hard on myself, even though I pretty much like me.

And Amy, you can totally do this. Nothing to it. The hardest part is reading the patterns. Just find someone who already knows and ask. Most knitters are excited to get someone else on board.

Love you ladies!