Thursday, March 30, 2006

Twice today I screamed at people, but it wasn't my fault.

The first was when I went to let Scout the yellow dog out and when I opened the door, there stood my oldest daughter, inches from my face. When you don't expect to see a face staring at you, there's nothing to do but scream. She laughed hysterically. I did not find it amusing.

Later, I had to go back to work. I unlocked the front door and there is a guy sitting there at the computer who I had never seen before. I looked at him and screamed, "Oh, Shoot!" I can't believe that oh, shoot, is the first thing I can think of when faced with a strange person in my work place. I think I scared him more than he scared me. Don't worry, he did belong there, I just had never seen him before. Needless to say, I apologized and left immediately.

I guess I am easily spooked, but at least I'm not quiet about it.

On a happy note, I had a manicure today and my hands look fabulous.

Movie News: Hubby has finished the rough cut of last summer's film! A milestone passed. Congratulations, honey!

Monday, March 20, 2006

It is downright blizzardy outside. Iowa still thinks its winter, but spring if officially here.

We have enjoyed our first midwestern winter and it really hasn't been too bad. I am ready to be out-doorsy again, though, which is hard to do when it hurts to breathe in!

Things we have enjoyed this winter:

  • Our kids first white Christmas
  • Real winter clothes
  • 2 hour school delays
  • Snow ball makers
  • Watching the dogs experience snow for the first time
  • Hot chocolate!
  • Sunny days even when it's cold, unlike the Pacific Northwest
  • Becoming part of a new community

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why am I such a pushover for infomercials? If it has anything to do with transforming my shape, size, weight, I want it. The problem comes when the package I so desperately wanted shows up at the door and then sits untouched. My inspiration gone. My resolve, poof, vanished.
My 8 and 6 year old daughters, however, have abs of steel. They have engaged their core. They do the tapes for... FUN! Sick or what?

So, today, a new commercial came on, promising me dramatic results in just 6 weeks. The before and after testimonials were fabulous, astonishing, even. I gotta get it! I have, however, wised up a bit. I do not run for the 1-800 number. Ebay and Amazon are my new friends.

Even at the reduced costs, I just can't do this again. So, I have committed to use the stuff I already have, which is legion, and see if I can accomplish in six weeks what this other program says I can accomplish. It will be a scientific experiment, in which I will not stray. I am my own control group. I am Woman!

Okay, pep talk over. Now that I have put my aspiration out in cyber space I know I have to follow through. I wouldn't want to dissapoint the blogosphere! So, today I will take my measurements, which I will not post, lest you barf, but I will keep posting updates on inches lost. And let's see what happens! Who knows, maybe six weeks from now I'll be able to post a fabulous and astonishing "after" picture!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yes, I know. I am the mother of a sculptress. Who likes to read. And exercise. Aren't you jealous?

This little foil sculpture is called "Guy doing pushups and reading". Isn't funny? I think it really looks like a guy doing pushups and reading. Something that amazes me, because my foil scultpures usually turn out looking like a little ball of foil! ha.

My heart is swelling with pride. Look for a gallery showing soon near you. Now that is pretty shiny.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Today is the first day of the Lenten season. A time of taking away anything extra in order to prepare our hearts for the Easter Season.

I will not be able to give you a fancy theological reason why I choose to participate in Lent. I did not grow up in an environment that observed Lent. We were more focused on that Jesus came to the world as a baby (Yeah, Christmas!) died and rose again to save us from our sins so that someday we could go to heaven to be with Him forever and that was a reason to celebrate.
These are good things.

As great as this is, the fact that while Jesus was here, dwelling among us, He suffered, He was hurt, He was thirsty and hungry, He was lonely. He went through puberty without sinning. He said 'no' to all the things I say 'yes' to. He was beaten and humiliated. He died a horrible, horrible death... and He would have done it even if I was the only one who needed it.

In a way, the simple, stupid thing that I choose to give up is important. The fact that I won't drink Diet Coke for 40 days is significant only because it will be an hourly reminder of the amazing thing that has been done for me. That the most amazing thing that will ever happen to me has already been done. It's a way for me to say, Hey, Jesus! I'm with you, thank you. I will never suffer as much as He has, but in this very small way, I acknowledge that He did. Denying myself, even a little, will make the celebration that much more meaningful to me.