Friday, March 10, 2006

Why am I such a pushover for infomercials? If it has anything to do with transforming my shape, size, weight, I want it. The problem comes when the package I so desperately wanted shows up at the door and then sits untouched. My inspiration gone. My resolve, poof, vanished.
My 8 and 6 year old daughters, however, have abs of steel. They have engaged their core. They do the tapes for... FUN! Sick or what?

So, today, a new commercial came on, promising me dramatic results in just 6 weeks. The before and after testimonials were fabulous, astonishing, even. I gotta get it! I have, however, wised up a bit. I do not run for the 1-800 number. Ebay and Amazon are my new friends.

Even at the reduced costs, I just can't do this again. So, I have committed to use the stuff I already have, which is legion, and see if I can accomplish in six weeks what this other program says I can accomplish. It will be a scientific experiment, in which I will not stray. I am my own control group. I am Woman!

Okay, pep talk over. Now that I have put my aspiration out in cyber space I know I have to follow through. I wouldn't want to dissapoint the blogosphere! So, today I will take my measurements, which I will not post, lest you barf, but I will keep posting updates on inches lost. And let's see what happens! Who knows, maybe six weeks from now I'll be able to post a fabulous and astonishing "after" picture!

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Yes you are.