Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yes, I know. I am the mother of a sculptress. Who likes to read. And exercise. Aren't you jealous?

This little foil sculpture is called "Guy doing pushups and reading". Isn't funny? I think it really looks like a guy doing pushups and reading. Something that amazes me, because my foil scultpures usually turn out looking like a little ball of foil! ha.

My heart is swelling with pride. Look for a gallery showing soon near you. Now that is pretty shiny.


Anonymous said...

You're cute.

bobbie said...

hi amy! thanks for commenting on my blog and letting me know you've been reading. it's so fun to know who it is who is reading. can't wait to poke around your blog too!

i LOVE the guy reading and doing push ups - isn't it fun when our kids find their gifts and use them in creative ways - what a great sculpture. i think we'll be breaking out the foil at our house soon!

thanks for the nice words! have a great week!