Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've had very much good luck at the goodwill lately.

I found a pair of naturalizer boots that were 12.99. I googled them and they are 169.00 new! They are so comfy and wonderfully fall-ish.

I have taken to buying old, long, flowery 1980's skirts and cutting them off at a more appropriate 2010 length. They look great with the boots.

I found a pair of tap shoes today for 6.99. Now I can really learn to tap!

I have very many fine gauge cardigans that go well with skirts and boots.

My husband found a very nice suit jacket for 2.95. It was for a costume for the theater, but, hey, he bought it, so he gets to keep it. It looks great on him.

$4.95 got me a pair of blue coveralls. I plan to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween, and then use them for every home improvement job I have.

I can barely bring myself to purchase new from the store anymore. Although, target had skirts on sale for $4.98 and that is as good as goodwill, so I snatched those right up.

Maybe I'll have to start up on of those "what I wore today" blogs.

Next on my hunt: A pair of authentic mocassins!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Let me tell you a little something...

about my husband.

*This is where I would insert a cute picture of us, but because my picasa is full and they want more money for more storage and I haven't gone back and deleted old pictures, you get this very long run on sentence!

So, my husband...

If I say, "Farm Boy", he always says, "As you wish". Which I find very charming.

He knows lines and titles and plots and tons of info about tons of movie trivia. He is a virtual imdb.

He loves me.

He likes to take me out to eat. Yesterday I wanted pie for dinner, so we ditched the kids and had pie. $11.00 worth of bad pie = true love.

He said I could quit my job if I wanted to. I would, but then where would we be? It's nice to know he cares that I don't like my job, though.

He is super smart.

He is patient, and kind, and loving and a good dad. He is ever faithful, ever true.

He is encouraging to me in my endeavors.

We go together.