Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Again with the Technical Difficulties

No, I have not abandoned you, my internet lovelies.

We are experiencing internet hook up problems here in the midwest. I have to go to the library to check my email!

I miss checking up on your blogs and I've actually had some good ideas for posts, but it's difficult here. Hopefully, we will back up and running shortly. Don't feel neglected!

Quick update:

I am getting ready for my first 5K. I am running and it hurts, but it's a goal I have, so I'm gonna do it.

I have learned to waltz for a show I'm in this spring. Lots of fun and lots of rehearsals.

Spring has arrived. There is no more snow and now there is tons of yard work to do.

Volleyball is over and soccer is beginning. Our kids have too many activities.

I've started making granny squares for an afghan. It's all the rage. I'll show you as soon as I'm up again.

I have been spending time with lots of lady friends. It is so nice, this sisterhood I have here in town. I wish I could introduce you all to my real life friends. I think you would all suit.

Blessings to you, friends! I'll read you again, ASAP.


Sarah Louise said...

No more snow? But here in da Burgh, after a few days of nice nice nice, with the windows open n'at, it's going down to 35 tonight, and me with one window open (I'm at work until 9!)

Good for you on the 5K. So now I have three bloggy friends preparing for some kind of race.

Yay for libraries!!

Sarah Louise said...

How bizarre that I've already eaten dinner and for you it's only 4:26 in the afternoon! (It's 7:26 in MY time zone.)

sherri said...

Keep up the great work on preparing for that 5K! That's a goal that I've been considering. I just want to see if I could do it.

Running is not my preferred sort of exercise, but I just read an article (cannot remember which magazine right now) that claims that running may actually help writer's release their creativity. I exercise because it helps my mood (a much stronger motivation for me than weigh loss), so perhaps, I'll need to try running to see if it helps my writing. :)

Beckyb said...

We bloggers are smart girls!! So, I found you too!!! That means you need to start posting again - I LOVE to read your blog!!! You are good - don't quit!!