Thursday, December 18, 2008


The kids get today off. I don't really get today off, but I can work from home! yay!

The possibilities are limitless...

We can quilt and craft and knit and watch movies and drink chocolate and make cookies and sip tea and paint and email friends and draw pictures and eat lunch together and do laundry and listen to music and think about gifts and not put on makeup and wear comfy clothes and catch up on recorded tv shows and be together.

...This just in... I don't have to work from home, I can have a paid holiday! So maybe I will actually get to do some of the stuff in the first paragraph!

I am giddy. Positively sparkling and glowing with giddiness.

Snow day, I love you.

1 comment:

Kaylen said...

We have had FIVE!!! And are getting more snow now!
I've watched all my tivo shows and organzed all my photos, and rented some movies and cleaned out cupboards...
I don't know why anyone gets "cabin fever" - I love this!!!