Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 true things

I still can't upload pictures because I've been BUSY! And I don't have the time to do the shuffle and the deleting and all that. But I really hate to post too many posts with something fun for you to look at.

Anywho... Here are ten truths about me.

1. I have not purchased any gifts yet. This is typical of me. I have a hard time with the deadline and trying to see how much I can buy with twenty bucks. I can see a million things to get people when there is no special occassion, but nothing when the 25th looms upon me. I also never start making things early enough and I feel a lot of pressure about the whole gift giving thing. Fortunately, I have a husband who is an awesome gift giver and that makes up for it.

But to clarify, I feel that I am gifted in making an ordinary, boring day something special, with just a little bit of thoughtfulness and action. I guess it's the whole concept of expectation that get me. The lower the expectation, the bigger the treat.

2. I am terribly connected and moved and spend a lot of thought on Stephanie of the NieNieDialogues. I don't know her, but I am in such pain and angst over her situation. I cannot express how much it bothers me that this physically beautiful, lovely woman will be disfigured for the rest of her life. I am also touched by the support she has from her friends and family and I know that her inner beauty is what will get her through the rest of her life.

3. I lost a bunch of weight and I have gained about 1/3 of it back and it scares me and I have such bad feelings against myself about it. And I hate that I hate it. Does that make sense? I hate the food issues I have and that I use what I eat to take my mind off the things that I should be focusing on. It's one thing to have weight issues, but it's a whole other thing when you use food for all the wrong reasons. But I'm working on it.

4. I am going to be forty. This month. It's a hard, cold truth. :P Sometimes I'm bothered about it, but mostly I know it's just a number. 40 is the new 30, you know.

5. I have a tendency towards laziness and yet I am very service oriented. It's a really weird combination. I actually don't think anyone who knows me would ever say that they would agree that I'm lazy (except my hubby who sees how I do my housework and how long I can sit and read blogs or avoid the laundry pile). At work I always try to anticipate the needs of others, which makes me good at my job. At a party, I help set-up or clean-up, I volunteer for things. Maybe it's more about monotonous jobs or projects that are really big and are hard to start that makes me feel like a lazy-bones. Although, if I have a choice between doing nothing and doing chores, I'll do a lot of nothing before I start on those chores. But I DO eventually get the chores done and feel so good about it I wonder what took me so long to get started. Go figure.

6. My skin is worse now than it was when I was a teenager. So unfair.

7. I think I'm prettier now than I was 10 years ago.

8. I have terrible posture. I am constantly reminding myself to not hunch.

9. I used to be a bad nail biter, but I haven't bitten in over two years. This change coincided with my increased vegetable eating. Even though I have fallen a little off the vegetable eating band wagon, I still have not bitten and I am very happy about it. My hands look nice.

10. I am a sunny-side up, silver lining, God Bless you kind of girl. I'm not a door mat, and I have a nice, little edge, but mostly I see the good and the wonder and the awesomeness in the world and people around me. I like living on this big, blue ball and am grateful for every moment I have here.


bobbie said...

so many of these i found myself shaking my head in agreement - we are much alike amy. esp. the lazy/service thing. others needs are so clear to me, my own, not so much... i'd much rather help someone else clean their house than clean my own :[

nice to "get to know you a bit better"

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You are So honest! I enjoyed knowing this much more about you, Amy. And I think the little things you do are MUCH better than the big gifts once a year. I know people who give like that and I appreciate them.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Skin? 40? There's a connection here and it's called Perimenopause ('s the pits)
Now that I'm over 50, the skin issues are much better.

Lazy? Me too, only at home. At work I'm a flashing dynamo of energy. Maybe I need to get PAID to do housework!

Sarah Louise said...

ooh, I love #10, it reads like poetry.


wilsonian said...

40 has been the absolute best! Embrace it, girl. There is so much good stuff in it :)