Sunday, December 28, 2008

Question: How do you plan the perfect nine year birthday party?

Answer: You don't. You let them plan it. If you just follow their schedule it will always be a success.
We had a little difficulty with the pinata. I was the only adult present at the party so we didn't get a picture. We also didn't have rope, so we hung the pinata from a nail in the freezing garage and I let the girls whack at it with a tennis racket. Three whacks each. It was the scariest part of the party. We ended up putting it on the ground and let the birthday girl bash it in, and then I sprinkled candy out over top of them. It was fine.
We have a tradition in our house with birthday games. It's always pin the something on the something. My oldest daughter is always the drawer of the theme and then the birthday attendees make their own thing that gets pinned on. It's the 'craft' of the party. This year was fairy wings, and they were varied and unique to each girl who attended.

One year we had pin the eye on Mike, from Monster's Inc. We've had pin the 'I' on Mr. Incredible, pin the bow on the bear... I can't remember what we pinned on the ballerina, but I distinctly remember a ballerina. Funny enough, I don't think we've ever had pin the tail on the donkey.
Look at all those shiny-haired girls. It was a really nice group of girls this year. A very nice age for a peaceful party.
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blackbird said...

Looks just about PERFECT.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a lovely party! Perhaps we can hire your daughter when we need to plan our next bash? Cupcakes, fairy wings, pinata--all the necessary elements:)

Sarah Louise said...

I love it! Did you know cupcakes in England are "fairy cakes"?


Happy New Year!