Sunday, December 14, 2008

a quick post

We lost power for a little on Friday evening, we were busy all day yesterday and busy again today. We have snow! Nothing like Iowa, but snow, none the less. We've done cookies, got a tree, will go to a high school play today, skipped church because of ice, and played gin rummy by candle light.

I didn't want to go all weekend without a post. Gotta keep track of happenings, for posterity, you know.

I also need to get rid of some old pics in order to upload any new ones. I've hit my quota and am too cheap to purchase more space from Picasa.

Up next week. 10 total truths via bobbie. I haven't forgotten!

Plus, pics from my oldest daughter's first corsage date. I tried to spell boutenierre but I'm just guessing here and don't those two rr's look nice. Tres Chic, ooh - la - la and all that jazz.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Snow, gin rummy AND a corsage date? Awesome weekend:) Yay for you!