Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back to work

Well, my vacation is over. Today we go back to work with a two hour late start.

I need to remember how to fix my hair.

Today is also my baby's birthday. She is nine. Her last year before double-digits.

She threw herself a fabulous party. I'll show you later.

I have such mixed feelings about going back to work. I've enjoyed my home time so very much. Our days have been like this:

Get up
Take a shower
Put on fresh jammies
Watch a movie
Play on the computer
Some of us played in the snow. I opted out.
Eat some more

But I know that I have a ton of stuff to do and things that I still need to learn at my job. Not to mention preparing for some very big projects for the new year that I feel a little apprehension about. Also, time sheets are due and I want to get paid!

It was good while it lasted. I think we are pretty well caught up on the laundry. I could have done more organizing, but I took the days as vacation and I feel like they were well spent.

Christmas break is right around the corner, with another long weekend at home if it looks like we won't be able to travel. Either way, I will have four more days off of work to spend with family and relax before new year responsibilities take hold.

Off to clean up and become presentable to the outside world, again. Snow days, I will miss you.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Doing hair? I think you have the art of relaxation NAILED!