Friday, May 23, 2008

This morning I have...

snitched some pizza from the office fridge. But I know who it belongs to and she doesn't eat cold pizza, so I'm clear. I owe her a dinner out, anyway, so I'll make amends soon.

I am currently eating mini chocolate quaker rice cakes. Yum. But it's only 8:11 am. I have my iced tea ready so I think with the pizza and rice cakes, I'm covered until lunch.

But my lunch will actually be lunch-less. I'm going to set up for my son's 8th grade graduation party. It's a big hoo-ha, here. I'm not so sure it's such an achievement, except for that fact that they will all be in high school next year. Maybe it's more of a mourning than a celebration? But EVERYONE is doing it, so we are sharing a party with 12 other boys. I see lots of chips and punch in my future.

I am dressed so that I can go straight from work to the graduation party. I have new slacks that are actually knee-length, with a tank and a cardigan and ballet flats. Okay for work, dressy-ish for 8th graders. Should be covered, unless I spill my tea, then it's back to the drawing board.

Festival pictures coming soon.

Happy weekend everyone!


Melissa said...

Your outfit sounds adorable:) I agree, 8th grade "graduation" sounds like a send off, not an achievement. Enjoy the punch, though!

Mr.Brian said...

Please tell me it was not Miss Becky's pizza you ate.LOLOL
Hope the party went well.

blackbird said...

I think it sounds like the perfect outfit for an 8th grade graduation...and I think I'll do the same.

I hope the party was fun - here's to no spilling!