Friday, May 02, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

It's another new day!

The laundry fairy has deserted me.

Snow in the forecast.


Melissa said...

Nooooooo! Maybe if you leave a little plate of chocolates the laundry fairy will come back... For the snow? I have no answers but wish I did.

alice c said...

I expect the laundry fairy got scared - you were so busy yesterday and she knew it was her turn today. She is probably somewhere in my house - she knows she won't be disturbed.

Sue said...

I've never actually seen the laundry fairy anywhere, so the info about her actually exsistence was a delightful surprise. I'm sure she'll be back...they come around every 100 years or so don't they?

Sarah Louise said...

You have a laundry fairy? Do tell!

(so apparently your hubbie's birthday, you being in a play, a cute picture of a kitty all pale to that nemesis of mine, laundry...)