Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My new best friends

This is good stuff!

I like the idea of using non-toxic stuff in my house.

I used to use Shaklee products, which are fabulous, but you have to order them and wait for them to come and pay shipping. I hate to pay shipping. But they were good and they worked. But they were terribly expensive for our graduate student budget. Green Works is only $2.67 a bottle.

Lots of other green cleansers seem to be rather high in price, too. Method from target is okay, but I never feel like things are super clean. I would often get my bleachy product out after I used the cucumber melon cleanser because the counters stayed sticky. Kind of defeats the purpose, eh?

But this stuff! Wow! It smells so fresh and doesn't hurt my sinuses. No residue. My bathroom is sparkling! I hope they aren't pulling a fast one one me.

And also, how did I ever live without the wet jet? It's so easy to mop now.

Plus, when I ran out of the cleanser it came with, I pulled out the pliers to pry the lid off the bottle and put the Green Works in! Don't tell the swiffer people.

I have this morning off, so I am in a cleaning frenzy. My mom is coming to visit on Friday, then we have our local city festival and the show goes up, so I'm taking today to get the house in shape. The upstairs is done.

Now I will quit procrastinating and get the downstairs going.

Let me know if you have any good, healthy products that I should add to my stash.


Melissa said...

Oh I know! Ordering cleaning products is really inconvenient. I adore the Greenworks toilet cleaner. And I completely agree with you about Method. I tried their countertop cleaner and HATED it. The wood polish wasn't too bad, though.

*carrie* said...


I haven't tried Green Works but ran across this review:

paula said...

I LOVE the floor cleaner!

Mother Earth said...

the trick with shaklee products is to order heavy, instead of one thing at a time, then you get the most value for your shipping dollar - the newest version of their signature cleaning product - the one oprah adores is now doubly concentrated - 16 oz of it literally lasts years!