Thursday, May 22, 2008

Farmer's Market Bag

These bags are made out of thrifted pillow cases. Because I used the seams that were already sewn, I didn't have to sew all that much. A very quick and easy project.
This one was made for a friend who is having a birthday this week. I can just see her walking down to put her apples and peaches in here.

After I become better at maintaining a straight seam, I might try to do these on etsy. Re-usable bags are all the rage and the cheapy ones you buy at the store don't really last that long. They get fuzzy very quickly.

So, not only have I thrifted, I have recycled, too! And this gift probably only cost me $1.00, plus my time, which wasn't much.
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*carrie* said...

Cute bag, Amy. Yay, the farmer's market is almost here.

Missed seeing you on our library visit yesterday.