Saturday, May 24, 2008

My little boy is growing up

Would you just look at the back of that head... ;)

When he got all dressed up, I had to find 'Buffalo Stance' on Youtube. (Yes, I am a total child of the '80's). I didn't remember that song being so risque. Yikes. I think I'll play him 'Sharp Dressed Man' instead.
My son received his certificate of achievement for surviving the middle school years. I was a little ambivalant about the whole thing, but it was actually pretty special, and I could see that it was meaningful for my son.

The boys in this grade had a wonderful coach who attended the graduation party and brought each of the boys gifts. I think it's awesome when a young man has an older man who is a good influence in his life. My son has an awesome dad, but I am always grateful for other men who make an effort on behalf of my son, too.

My heart literally squeezes when I think about my guy in high school next year. It doesn't seem possible. This looks like it will be the summer of the growth spurt, so maybe by August I will be feeling that he is a little more ready.

So glad that school is out for the year! Yay. I'm so happy that pool season is here. I will put off thinking about high school for awhile and just enjoy my family for a couple of months.
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blackbird said...

Oh - he looks so handsome.
I'm feeling all the same things!

Melissa said...

Well congrats! I totally agree about the "Other Older Men." My sons have some of those and they are priceless--adding to what they get from their father. Well said.