Monday, May 05, 2008

Almost there

Here is me in my habit. It's not quite right yet. I haven't been successful at keeping the whimple in place. Definitely not the most attractive picture I've ever taken.

Also, the blue polish and the jewelry have to go. My friend thought is was funny to see the blue nails against the habit.

The show is coming along quite nice. I can't wait!
It is so much fun to be in a show with one of my kids. I hope we get to do this as a family a lot more in the future.

I'm not looking foward to stage makeup. Last year I got the biggest zit you could believe. It would not go away, I tell ya.

Oh well, the show must go on.

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Anonymous said...

Oh baby! What a cute nun!

alice c said...

Are nuns supposed to have such a twinkly smile? Or look as though they are having so much fun??

*carrie* said...

What a fun pic, Amy. Can't wait to see the show!