Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spirit Week and other crafty stuff

Next week my older kids have spirit week, so I started projects for them to wear for their color day. Actually, my son's scarf was started back in October. It was just one of those boring projects that was easy to put down and not pick up again. But I have perservered.

My daughter wanted wrist warmers, but didn't like the cabled ones I suggested. Her warmers kind of look like a tube without the cables, but they will do the job for which they are intended.

Last week when everyone was too sick for school, but too house crazy to lay down and drink their liquids, we entered the world of decoupage. We cut up all the magazines I had available and covered the front and backs of marbled journals. I like the way they turned out. We also made one for a birthday gift.

I'm hoping to try some new projects soon, too. I bought some pretty Asian looking fabric and have a purse pattern that I would like to try.

Oh, and I found the most perfect place. I really couldn't believe this was someone's actual sitting room and it filled me with all kinds of jealousy. Go here to look. It's unbelievable.

On another note, does anyone know how to arrange photos with blogger? I can't seem to get my paragraphs right or move my photos to where I want them. Everything looks like a hodge-podge. It's driving me crazy and I'm sure there is a simple explanation, so if you have the info, please pass it on.

And, if you want to play Show and Tell tomorrow, the topic is bumper stickers.


Paula said...

Love, love, love wrist warmers!

Sarah Louise said...

Oooh, I have tons of decoupaged marble notebooks--I did that all through high school.

I've never heard of "too house crazy to lay down..." but that must be what I have. Taking the zinc...

Amy said...

I only know to post on the left, the right or in the center with blogger. I have no clue how to do anything else. I have never heard of wrist warmers before!! I swear I'm going to learn to knit!!

Sarah Louise said...

I think if you have your pictures in Picasa (the google based picture storage--yes, google is bigger than Disney now, I'm convinced) you can do other configurations. I have not tried that yet, though.