Thursday, January 11, 2007

Helloooo out there!

I'm jumping on the de-lurking bandwagon. So, if you want to, come out and say hi!

Personally, I don't think I have any lurkers. I have no site counter or hit meter so there is really no way to tell who comes by.
And I don't want one.
I'm sure one of those meters would turn me into some type of private investigator, sending me hither and yon on the blogosphere to try and figure out who people are. This way is just more sane for me. I'm low-tech all the way.

About the picture... I've wanted to use it for a long time but really had no purpose. I thought this was the coolest way to camp ever. We saw this couple at a gas station in Wyoming, I think. Maybe more east, I'm not sure. Anyway, isn't cute?
By the way, the sickies are getting better, but one is going in today for a visit. Seems like she is developing some tonsilitis. Ick.
Health and Peace to you!


little lovelies said...

Helloooo back! Yes. Do not get a site counter. It's right up there with flickr on the things that will make me crazy. Onone hand its kind of neat on the other its creepy!

carolyn said...

Great picture.

wilsonian said...

Not a lurker, but definately an admirer! And I'm loving that car and camper!!

Sarah Louise said...

Love the picture.

Yeah, don't get a site meter. Because once you open that door, there's no going back. I can become very obsessive at times, trying to figure out who is reading me that goes to MIT, oh, him! Yeah, don't get one.

Paula said...

We have a little camper. Not as small as that but just big enough for two. We are "redoing" it so it will have all the comforts of home (except a bathroom!).

Amy said...

Love the pic. Once, when I was little and we were camping as a family, a couple pulled into the campsite next to us and they camped in a refurbished HEARSE. Grossed me out for years.

Happy De-Lurking week. Oh, and site meters are fun, not creepy. I have no idea WHO comes to my site really, but I know WHERE and that's cool!

elena jane said...

love the pic! reminds me of going on vacation when i was little!

mom on a wire said...

Hey there. Happy delurking week!