Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bowl days

We have a sickness in our house. Two kids home from school, two kids well. More importantly, two parents well! The parents have to be well in order to keep the track to the bathroom clear and have fresh bowls at the ready in case of emergency. In which there were quite a few. Emergencies, that is.

Yes, two of my little lovelies have spent much of the last two days with bowls on their laps, gatorade in their cups and naught much else in their stomachs.

So tell me this. Would food poisoning wait a full 24 hours to hit, or would it show up sooner? My experience tells me that when I am sick from food, I am sick almost immediately, but read on.

This is suspicious to me. After church on Sunday, we went out with some friends. There were about eight or nine families from church there, too. We live in a small town, not a lot of options for the after church crowd.

Monday night my kids got sick, along with at least two other members of three of the families we saw at lunch. So a total of eight people sick only 24 hours after we all ate together. (Sorry for all that math!) I'm wondering if I should call the restaurant or if everyone just got the same bug.

What do you think?


Sarah Louise said...

Hmmm...does sound a little fishy. Go to it, Nancy Blogger Drew--ask the questions! Solve the mystery!

(I am getting punchy, but I can't go to bed yet as I am in the middle of a load of wash.)

carolyn said...

Don't really know probably just a bug, but I wouldn't eat there again! Hope everyone gets better soon.

Amy said...

Food poisoning actually takes 24-48 hours to hit (unlike what most people seem to think). It could very well be something at the restaurant. I'd call the restaurant, tell them what you ate and what symptoms you had and just let them know, kindly, there may have been an issue. There's not much else you can do, really, but you may find out they've had lots of other calls, too.

The good news? Once it's out of your system, it's out, so food poisoning is usually nasty, but fast.

Paula said...

Ewe...ohh...sorry you've got all that going on.

hope everyone is well soon.

little lovelies said...

Poor thing! I haven't had bowl days yet at my house. I might turn in my mom card that day. :(

elenajane said...

ugh, no fun at all. if all those ppl got sick and ate the same thing, could be food poisoning. either way, hope everyone is better soon!