Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I lava, lava, lava me...

If you were to ask me to tell you a little about myself I would say things like I'm a nice person, I'm friendly, I usually do the favors people ask of me... things that might let you know a little about who I am, but not what I look like.

If you asked me to describe my appearance, my first inclination would be to not say kind things. I would pick at myself. Or give myself a compliment with a 'but...'.

Or be boring. I would have brown hair, be medium heighth, be average and not call any attention to myself.

Except that, there is a tiny little bit of myself that thinks I'm kind of cute. Would I ever say that outloud? Never. But here I am typing it, and all because bobbie asked me to. And she's asking you, too.

We are so hard on ourselves. And with body image issues being what they are today, it's easier to be more dissappointed in ourselves than ever.

So, without further ado, here they are: five things I LOVE about myself.

1. I have a little beauty mark under my right eye, high on my cheek. It's sexy.

2. I have very, very soft skin. I try hard with lotions and potions to keep it that way. I also usually smell really good because of said creams.

3. My lips are kissable with just the right amount of un-botoxed pout.

4. My eyebrows have a nice shape, and sometimes they quirk up at just the right moment.

5. Although I don't study my earlobes that often, I've been told they are cute, and have noticed that they, too, are very kissable. They are also unpierced, which makes them look like a kindergartners ears.

Bonus #6: My hands. I like they way they look and I like what they are able to do, accomplish, and give.

I would love to see what you all LOVE about yourselves. Consider yourself tagged and please go read bobbie's post and the links she has provided there.


Erin said...

Very cute indeed! :)

shanna said...

Ho, ho, ho! So glad you outed yourself, girl!!

Yes, you're very cute. And now I know what to do when we finally meet: yell "Hey, cutie! Come 'ere so I can kiss those earlobes of yours!"

I'll try to sound very Okie when I shout it, too. ;-)

You'll have to come by later to see how best to embarrass me...

Amy A. said...

Garsh... I'm blushing over here.

Be prepared to be embarrassed!

Amy said...

Finally! It wouldn't give me the word verification...UGH!

You're adorable, and SO BRAVE!!! You will notice me quietly passing on this one... :o)

bobbie said...

yay! thanks for playing!

you are beautiful!

it is a great list, and the pictures added in are fabulous!!

Paula said...

Yes you are cute and you look very friendly to boot!

And oh so young I might add.

Anonymous said...

Okay, how cute are you?

Mwah! I just had to kiss you.