Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time keeps on slippin'

My days have been a whirlwind and I don't know why. The just keep floating on top of each other and it's Wednesday already.

The sickies we had here are all better and back to school. I have gone back to work after being home last week.

This week I discovered:

I can JOG! I upped the speed on the treadmill and I JOGGED! for a whole 60 seconds. It hurts. But it's the good kind of hurt.

My guilty pleasure this week:

You're The One That I Want - the search for Sandy and Danny. I'm living vicariously, let me tell ya.

On the flip side, I watched Grease with my oldest daughter this week and then we had to have a Discussion. As this is my first teenager, I am not very adept at Discussions and mostly look like the stupid parents in your typical Disney channel sitcom.

Me: Wow, some of that was really inappropriate.

Her: (Face straight ahead) Hmmm.

Me: Don't get into backseats of cars.

Her: (Bershon look then head back to straight ahead)

Me: (clears throat)

Her: Are there any bonus features?

Yeah, like I said... Not so good at Discussions.


Amy said...

I grew up on that movie (and record) and as a college student, I could not believe my boyfriend had never seen it. We rented it one weekend and he was AGAST that my mother let me watch that as a child. Yeah, sexual innuendos went right over my head then. Yowza. Nice discussion, by the way!!

Sherri said...

I know how the time slippin' thing feels...maybe instead of global warming, we should be concerned about why time seems to be speeding up.

Congrats on the jog! When hubby & I started up the exercise routine again after Christmas the second day, it was balmy and warm so we decided to do our walk/run outside rather than going to the Y.

We're still getting to know our new town... Suffice it to say, what we had planned as a 20-30 minute excursion exceeded 45+ minutes up and down the lovely hills we have here, when we took a wrong turn. My hips were in pain for a couple of days after that one, because I'd pushed hard at the beginning thinking it would be a short run... we've been at the Y ever since, where I can control the terrain. :-P

Sarah Louise said...

My parents wouldn't let me see it--I still haven't seen FlashDance. (But I don't think my parents ever saw either of these either...)But I watched it with my aunt and uncle b/c it was on TV when I was visiting them whilst in college. The song "Summer Nights" was used as a jumping off point for a sex talk and the differences between guys and girls at a college Christian Fellowship I attended. How old is daughter here?

Congrats on the jog!! AND YAY that everyone is healthy once more...

Paula said...

I think you said the most important thing there. You can expand on it later. And? I always sounded weird, I just forged ahaed anyway.

Paula said...

AHEAD. Um...ahead anyway.

RW said...

We just watched Grease with our kids too; and I was astounded at the sexual innuendo - I totally did not remember that from when I first viewed the film.

Discussions - I am with Paula - just forge ahead... teachable moments... I often plod along - say what I want to say - it hangs in the silence... there is some awkwardness but I think my daughter appreciates the fact I am willing to risk sounding a little silly. Far better to sound silly and awkward than to not address the topic.