Monday, January 08, 2007

Getting crafty

I have been wanting to do more crafty things lately, but with two kids in basketball, the holiday stuff we've just come out of, and life in general, crafty time was hard to come by.

However, change is coming! My oldest daughter and I spent the weekend making aprons out of fun, crazy fabric. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Here's my daughter modeling the one I think we both like best. This was her first experience with the sewing machine and she did great.

These are the other ones. (Pictured with my new red crock pot) I like the blue one with circles a lot. It's made of sturdier fabric so I will probably wear that one the most.

I am a mess in the kitchen. The aprons I've been wearing have either been old restaurant aprons I've kept from waiting tables, or the blue cotton apron I made in 9th grade. At least I have one item of clothing from high school that I can say I can still wear!

We had a great time learning how to put these things together and were thankful that they were so easy. I also got a new iron out of the deal since the old one shorted out during the second apron.

I also started reading 'Outlander' this weekend. Love it! 18th century Scotland and time travel, can't get more exciting than that. Also finished 'Avalon High'. It was okay. I've like other Meg Cabot stuff much better. How's that for some fancy book reviewing?

Off to clean my kitchen with one of my new aprons. Hopefully I'll have another something crafty to show you next weekend.


Paula said...

I like your aprons and the red crockpot is racy!

Erin said...

These are so fun... and teaching your daughter to sew useful things is a huge, huge gift.

And that blue polka-dotted fabric is fabulous!

Sherri said...

Look like fun!

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, the polka blue one is my fave too. Outlander was one of those "do you need me now, cause I have a book to read" books. I was disappointed by the sequels. I mostly just like Meg Cabot's chick lit, not so much her teen lit (not sure I know which Avalon High is...).

elenajane said...

i love the OUTLANDER series. i'm reading THE FIERY CROSS now. the reason it takes me so long is i like to SIT and read, and that's not a book i want to put down!!
i LOVE the aprons. did you have a pattern? i have never used an apron in the kitchen. my messes tend to be on the floor than on me!

shanna said...

I concur with the blue apron, but I think the green one is pretty cool, too.

And Outlander? Oh, lordy! I discovered that thing in college and have been a faithful Gabaldon reader ever since. The sequels are different creatures, but all fun in their own ways. I'm glad you found them!

And the crock? Love it. Got one of 'em in silver, but I would have gladly bought a red one if one could be had.

Craft and crock, girl!

little lovelies said...

Soooo cute!