Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yes, it's that time again

To cut bangs, or let them grow. It's a huge decision, every few months, because I usually tend to choose bangs, which I regret, and then have to let them grow until they drive me bananas. We are now at the bananas stage. Reese's bangs are cute. But I bet we'll see her without them in no time.
Kelly and Rachael both have the long, side swipey thing going on, but mine never turn out like that. Maybe I need superstar mousse. Or a hairstylist on retainer.
Oops, I cut off her chin, but I'm not going back. She's still cute, though, eh?

I know you are wondering, is this the only thing I have to worry about? Ha, I say. But whatever, it's a post and I feel like if I wait to post anything until I have something important to stay, it may be a while. So my fringe is taking center stage.

Really, we've been back to the doctor and we have another kid with influenza. He's already missed 3 days of school this month because of stomach flu, and will miss at least 3 more with this.

The littlest one is over it and is feeling good again, but we had a scare on Sunday when she TOOK A NAP without being asked or sent, which never happens and usually always means she is sick.

We are all frantically washing our hands and isolating any person with a hint of a germ, but it's still coming on. Pray the rest of us don't get it. We are a huggy-kissy family so it's hard to keep the hands off.

Blessings to you, friends! Be well.


Erin said...

Praying health over your clan, Amy.
And I sorta think regular hugs would almost be worth getting sick for. lol!

Amy said...

I hope you are all healthy soon, if nothing else, know that you're building up your immune system (well, eventually you will be!)

Oh and bangs is a lifelong debate with me, too. I wear my hair up so much of the time I hate to have bangs, but my face is so round I probably should...Ugh. I can totally relate.

elena jane said...

hope the germies go away soon!
i have fringe (bangs, whatever) and will always have them. i look too weird with just a forehead showing!!

Amy A. said...

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes, friends. Hubby has it now. Hoping that it ends with him.

Sarah Louise said...

I'd be writing about bangs too, if my flock had the flu...GET WELL, all you pretty shinys!!

I think I have another week or so before I need a trim...

A.R.T. said...

oh,i have it too! its horribal, and i dont want to miss school! fouth grade is awfaly hard!i feel so bad for you guys, get well soon!