Friday, February 02, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside

Cold weather means:

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Puzzles
  • Movies
  • Big, long historical novels (Thank you, Diana Gabaldon!)
  • All day on the couch, under the blankies
  • Pajamas and Slippers
  • Snacks, not meals
  • Laziness
  • Knitting

We are having below freezing temps here. It's cold!


Sarah Louise said...

It's cold here too and I still have this darn cold! (As opposed to "it's too darn hot!")

shanna said...

woo-hoo! Can I come over?! Love your ideas for cold weather. I'm off to visit a friend who just had a baby, and may have time to visit a REAL yard store on the way! I'm a baby, baby knitter, but golly, this cold inspires me to grow up!

Do you have any favorite knitting sites for wee novices like myself, aye? (hee hee--threw that in for you since you're into a Gabaldon marathon. :-))

Amy A. said...

Hey Shanna! Come on over!

I like the lion brand yarn site because you can get a lot of free patterns as well as purchase kits. I'm a novice, too, so I don't spend a lot on nice yarn yet, but hope grow into that. Not the spending part, just the nicer yarn, part.

The other sites I visit are mostly crafty bloggers who show their knitting from time to time, like Pea Soup and Posie, but they don't really give instruction, just inspiration, ye ken. :) Love that Diana G.

Be well, SL. It's time to be rid of that cold!

Amy said...

knitting!! knitting!!! oh, I want to stay at home and knit!! I just have no idea how! What a wonderful day you're having!