Monday, February 05, 2007

*They done R-U-N-N-O-F-T

Where, oh where have my little dogs gone? They have run off in zero degree weather. Why don't they love us?

Normally, I don't worry. They have a habit of running off, then returning hours later. They always scavenge something to eat, usually cow pies and squirrel guts (which they puke up on my carpet later, that's how I know). BUT IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!

How long can dogs last out there? They are used to being outside dogs, but they come in to sleep occassionally, and have been sleeping in since it's so cold. See, we love them! And they seem to love us, until the moment when they see a possible escape, and then they're gone.

Are dogs so stupid they prefer running around on frozen ground? Is is just my dogs? What if they are hit or cause an accident?

I've called the pound, where they have been known to be found, as well as the police station. Nothing so far. I'd like to say good riddance and hope some farmer finds them and decides to keep them, but really. Look at those faces. And look at that comfy bed. Why would they want to leave that?

Is there a dog whisperer out there who can tell me these things?
Hopefully they return before school lets out. Otherwise there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth by my kids. I'll keep you posted. Damn dogs.
*Name that movie and you win... two dogs.

UPDATE: They came back... bearing gifts.


elena jane said...

sorry they went missing, but really glad they came back!!! :)

Erin said...


Warn a girl next time.

Amy A. said...

In their defense, I don't think they killed the rabbit, because he was really frozen. And that's not blood on the porch, that is left over paint from our decorated pumpkins. Just to be clear on the gore factor!

Hope you weren't eating your dinner, Erin!

Amy said...

As a new avid watcher of "Dog Whisperer" I think Cesar would ask you if your dogs get regular exercise (walks, not just a run in the yard). If not, that could be what they are after when they bolt. They are looking to travel in a forward direction (like a pack would) which is instinctive to dogs. If they aren't getting that (or enough of that) with you, they're making their own opportunities.

Glad the dogs came back! I think I'm glad the last picture didn't load for me to see... LOL

lisa said...

Oh my gosh! The picture was like a surprise ending! LOL!w

Shanna said...

Totally Coen brothers, that rabbit picture.

Glad they came back. And they even brought a present with them! See now, they love you. :-)