Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A new hat

This is the first item I have made that has been made up out of my own head. No pattern except for what I wanted, when I wanted it. Does that make me a designer now?

I'm pretty proud of myself. The biggest compliment was when my oldest daugther asked if we could share it.

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect winter hat. I love this red one that Kristen Dunst wears in Elizabethtown. (One of my favorite movies, by the way, except for the Susan Sarandan parts, which I hate).

Mine is a little too tall, I like the rounder, flat on top look like the red one.

I will keep practicing. Unless, of course, any of you knitters out there can direct me to a ready made pattern similar to this one. I don't HAVE to design the thing, I just want one!


Karyn's Corner said...

Looks great!

Sue said...

Wow! I think you did a fabulous job. Of course, that compliment from a distinctly non knitting person. Still... Who needs Kirsten Dunst hats?!

Anonymous said...

You sure have beautiful eyes. 143.

bobbie said...

i am not a knitter - but i think if you search for a "beanie" pattern instead of a "hat" you'll find what you're looking for.

143 - ha, my husband and i do that code too! :)

Kittiecat said...

Here is a link to the pattern that you are looking for. :D