Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How my girlies entertain themselves on long car rides

I have finally downloaded pictures from Sprite's camera from our travels this summer. There are a lot of shots just like these.

The first requirement for any long drive is bringing along every last thing you own. My little back seat dwellers have to squeeze their bodies in to their spots, but they are happy that way, so I let 'em.

Donuts! There are about fifty pictures of food signs, lots of cloud shapes and of course, hay!
They love to shout, Hey! To make me jerk upright from a light doze wondering why they need to be seperated now, but they really mean "Hay". They think it's funny.

There are also at least a dozen pictures of various rocks, up the nose shots and freckle shots. Yup, that's right. Close up of freckles, moles, beauty marks, what have you.
The End. Thank God for digital cameras.

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