Monday, December 03, 2007


This weekend my daughter and I went to the Big-Big city, (as opposed to the big city which is only 40 minutes away) for the Iowa State Dance team championships.

Can I just say... it was totally awesome. So much fun to watch my little perform with such confidence in a great big place. They took away second in the light division and had a division rating in the pom segment. They were 4 tenths away from another division rating in the kick routine, which was great, but there were some other pretty great kickers out there.

The most fun was the all guys groups. You'd think the chippendales had walked in with the way the girls all went crazy. All the boys were total nerds, but for three minutes, they were rock stars. Look out, Soulja Boy.

Big hair is alive and well in Iowa.

We also got to go to a real mall in Des Moines. A lovely, wonderful mall with Starbucks and Pottery Barn and great big giant ornaments draping off the ceilings. It's probably a good thing that I don't have access to malls like that everyday.

I'm really proud of the girls on our squad. They acted like ladies and their sportsmanship was incredible.

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carrie said...


So glad you had a fun trip!