Friday, December 07, 2007

A bad start

Have you ever noticed how bad days always start on the day before.

I had big ambitions to get the whole house clean, the bottom floor at the very least, in order to pull out all the Christmas decorations. But, life happened and I didn't get everything done. Decking the halls will be postponed for just a bit.

Yesterday was a good day, even though I didn't get my to do list finished. But, because of the unfinished list, and the decision to stay up late and watch TV, this morning was not a pleasant one.

Woke up, didn't exercise. Woke up again, 30 minutes late. Grabbed a shower, did my makeup (with the new Loreal minerals stuff, which I LOVE!!) put in the hot rollers of doom... Note to self, hot rollers in a rush only provides poofy hair. Didn't eat breakfast, didn't make my tea. Wasn't gentle on a tangled head, couldn't find a sports jersey, was guilted to death because of said jersey... now he's going to serve a detention and it's all my fault... Ugh. Late to work, dressed all wonky, hair all wonky...


I get to have Chinese food at lunch with a friend.

I did get a shower, so even though I'm not dressed right for work, at least I smell good. (Seriously, I look like how my children look when I'm not at home and my husband sends them to school. He's an awesome dad, but he doesn't care about the shoes matching the outfit and the if there are too many sparkles or if pig tails have symmetry. In other words, I'm looking a little sad today).

I have tomorrow off, so I can catch up on everything I didn't do Thursday and transform my home into a Christmas paradise this weekend.

Oh, and if I look some more I'm sure I will find multiple ways to pull myself out of this bad beginning and have a much more pleasant middle and end. Send up a little prayer for me!

Off to work. I'll put on a smile and no one will even notice the other stuff.

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