Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My short day out

This morning I woke up, exercised, knitted two rows, took a shower and then had the most unbearable feeling that if I didn't get out of town, and get out quick, that I might just explode.

I told my husband I had some errands to run, but he's smarter than that, so I had to confess that I was on my way to Target, in the Big City, and that if I didn't have a Starbucks latte in the next 45 minutes that I would begin to scream and who knows when that would have ended.

He sent me off with his blessing, after he tried a couple ways to deter me. But I would not be deterred.

I left at 10:22 and by 10:59 I had a sugar free vanilla latte with whip in my hands. Explosion averted.

I had a great bit of alone time, swimming in a sea of faces that were not recognizable to me. It was quite a relief. I did run into a couple of people from my small town, but I just kept on moving after a little bit of small talk.

I headed to Old Navy, Kohl's, Aeropostal (who had the most amazing 70% off rack!), Bath and Body (better get there quick if you want any more Vanilla Bean Noel lotion, they are almost out), and then finished up at Target. I got a little something for everyone and feel like I got a good start on my Christmas list.

I could have stayed all day, but had to be back to pick up kids from school. It was good, though. Really, really good.


carrie said...


So glad you had a day out. I did that recently and got so much done, too!

Anonymous said...

He probably just tried to deter you, because he would miss you. He sounds like a good husband.