Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cookie Walk

The big fund raiser for the middle school here is called the cookie walk.

Every family has to donate six dozen cookies and then the community comes out to choose a variety of their favorite cookies, which then makes it unnecessary to bake their own cookies.

It's a pretty good system and I love it, because people pay me to bake their six dozen. I don't, however, participate in the actual purchasing of other cookies. It grosses me out. I don't know what kind of kitchen those cookies came out of, or if you smoke or washed your hands or had the flu. I can't help it.

But, if you are my friend and you bake for me, I will accept your gift. I have been in your house, after all.

Cookie making is a messy business. I'm still trying to bleach out food coloring on my counter.

The left over frosting was put to good use. My daughter's went to town on all the left over cut-outs and did a pretty good job, too.

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carrie said...


Those mitten cookies are darling! But not too cute to not eat. =)