Saturday, October 04, 2008

Where's Heloise when I need her?

Help, please.

In my home we have a gas top stove. I'm learning to cook with the flame. Not such a big deal, BUT..

The Soot! Is this normal? To have black soot covering the whole bottom of my pans and that the soot is ruining all my new, sparkling white bar mops. The stuff is everywhere.

I ruined my favorite apron. I'm glad I've been wearing an apron.

Also, when I turn the oven on, there is a very strong gas smell. I worry that the oven may not be ventilated properly.

Any hints from gourmet cooks out there would be very much appreciated.


wilsonian said...

Soot? Ummm.... no. That's not normal. Really not. Worth having someone in to look at it.

blackbird said...

Neither seems right...maybe you should call an appliance guy - or even the customer service person from the appliance company.