Monday, October 13, 2008

Interview Insecurities

I had a pretty good interview today. Of course, you never know that you're the one they want until you get the call.

I'm rethinking my interview wardrobe choices. I had the librarian thing going on. Black tights, Mary Janes, skirt, cardigan.

The candidates before and after me were in full on business gear.

It was hard to know. It's an office position, but it's for a non-profit agency. Oh well. I won't stress over it.

I also have another interview tomorrow with a big company. I took a tour of the building today and the peans were all wearing jeans and t-shirts, but the management had on suits. I think I will try to strike a happy medium.

I didn't get a job last week for which I was very qualified, but I told them some of the things I was concerned about should I get the position and it turns out they were very valid concerns because they were the reasons I didn't get offered the job. The employer was very nice and told me he was thankful that I was honest in the interview as they would not wanted to have hired me and then have me leave in a month because I wasn't suited for the job, but he did forward my name to another department where I might be a better fit. So I consider that a successful interview even if it didn't end in my employment.

I have to take a small break from the gifts. There will still be 29 of them. Just not daily. There's just too much going on right now, but I will remain thoughtful about the gift giving so as to not miss an opportunity.

Oh, friends. How I hate job hunting. But I'm glad the phone has started to ring, so I am thankful.

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