Thursday, October 16, 2008

When it rains, it pours

I've had two more calls for job interviews, after a couple of months of nothing!

I know I've made a good decision with accepting this offer, though. I can just feel it.

I dropped the kids off at school today and did my first dry run, to see how long it takes me to get from school to the office. Thirteen minutes. I made a wrong turn, so I think it's probably more like 12 minutes.

I need to arrive at work at the same time my kids need to arrive at school, so they are going to have to be dropped off a tad early. There is a safe place for them to wait with the other early birds, so I'm not too concerned about it, other than the chore of actually getting the kids out the door at the right time.

We will need an extra measure of morning grace and good cheer. And coffee.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck! That extra 15 minutes will let your kids make friends and nestle into a good day at school. Really.

Sue said...

Ok, so what job did you get? What will you be doing?