Thursday, October 09, 2008


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Yummy gifts for my elementary girls' teachers.

This recipe made a little over three dozen. With the gifts and the warm cookie eating, there are only four left in the jar. All the kids took extra to school in their lunches, too.

I may have to make another batch.


In the job hunt news: I am officially a clerical substitute for two school districts. I just have to go get my fingerprints taken (at the cost of $75.00!!!) and then I can start work. The pay stinks but at least it's something. I'll keep looking for a permanent gig while I sub.

I had to have my picture taken for badges. They are always so unattractive.

What's up for today:

Go for a walk

Catch up on laundry

Figure out why this post is centering itself

Figure out tomorrow's gift

General house work

Go to son's soccer game

Work on the spiritual condition of my heart

Take over the world

Not bad for a day's work, eh?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think it's because now that you landed a job (and a good one I hope), you are centered;) Happy day for you!

wilsonian said...

But how about the stove...???

Kaylen said...

What recipe was this? Now that I have that picture-I MUST have homemade choc chip cookies!!!

(Thanks for ruining the diet!)

*carrie* said...

Am enjoying reading about your gifts. I'm thinking about joining, but need to cross off a couple to-do items first so I can better focus.

Checked out Gorgeously Green today and hope to start it soon--thanks for the tip!

*carrie* said...

I changed my mind. I lay awake last night thinking about the giving thing and realized I've already been doing it this week. So I'm going to sign up--thanks again for the tip and inspiration of what you've been doing. I think I'll post it all at the end, but I'm keeping track in my notebook.