Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Soccer tunnels and other stuff

I love it when the boys team makes a tunnel for the girls team after a good game.
This is our cat, Dusty Hazel. She helps with the homework by sitting on it.

I love how the girls make a tunnel for the boys, too. They usually get more participants.

I love it when little kids pull other little kids around.
I'm over the colored tights thing. I have been browsing pictures and unless you are under 25 and 6 ft tall, they just don't look good on a person.

Today was my second day at work. I am surviving. The person who is vacating the position is brilliant and I'm glad she will be around for awhile so I can pick her brain before she leaves to get married.

This is my pumpkin. Cute, eh?

She is amazing. She is fierce. She scares the pants off of keepers all over the Puget Sound area. She has scored 10 goals so far this year. Like I said... Amazing.


*carrie* said...

Hang in there with the job, Amy! You're brilliant yourself. =)

I bet the coach is thrilled your daughter moved there!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fun list of things that make you happy! That is very cool about your soccer gal.