Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I'm learning

My new job is a little scary. I'll be okay, but there is a lot to cram in this head of mine. I just need to give myself a break. No one expects me to know everything quite yet, so why do I think I must?

I'm going to see some sad things because of the nature of the type of business I'm working in. Even though I'm mostly in the administrative side of things, I like to think that what I do will be a benefit to someone in a significant way.

I need to go a little easier on the caffeine.

Keeping my cool will help others keep theirs.

I need to take my breaks even though I feel like I might not get something done. A walk around the block is just the right thing to do sometimes.

I need to consistently get eight hours sleep, with one night of longer sleep and a weekend nap.

People tell me that one day everything will just 'click' and then my job will become easier. I am choosing to believe them.

I actually prefer to eat lunch by myself, but it would probably be beneficial to eat in the breakroom every now and again.

I won't always be the new person. Yay!

I'm smarter than I think I am. I think this job is going to allow me to use skills and grow in ways that will be good for me.

I like to wear skirts to work.

Deep breathing really does work. So does prayer.

Don't slouch. It hurts after a while.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad it's going well--I'd say from the sounds of it you're ahead of the curve.

historygirlie said...

I know that feeling....and you're right, you won't always be the new girl.

Hang in there! I"m sure you're doing awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are brilliant. I know, because I am brilliant too (you told me so), but I don't always "get" things right away. You will be the best!