Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The view from my window

This is what I followed for three days this summer. It was affectionately referred to as "the big, white can". Why? Because if it slowed down at all, it forced me to brake, which then threw off the cruise control, which lead me to yell "Move your big, white can!"

My kids thought it was hilarious. The first 300 times.

We had an unfortunate incident with the big, white can. It is the incident in which I said the S--- word in front of my children. (Gasp! No, not that!) A word that they had never heard from my lilly-white mouth. Oh, sure... they've heard my many and wondrous euphamisms, euphamisms that really make me quite proud of my creativity, but they hadn't heard mom get down and dirty.

But the situation called for it! My husband took the on ramp too fast, hit the shoulder funny and ALMOST TIPPED OVER!

I didn't have time for a creative euphamism. I was watching my husband of twenty years and my youngest child flip a moving truck.

The word was out, and the crisis was over in the blink of an eye and then I looked into the eyes of my son through the rear view mirror. He had a smirk. "Mooooommmm!" You cussed!

Now my son constantly reminds everyone that once, I said a bad word. If he sees me start to get worked up about something, he'll put his hand on my shoulder and remind me to watch my language. All with that glint in his eye and smirk on his mouth. He thinks he's so funny. :)
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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You must be purt near perfect for them to pick up on one dropped word! I'd have said more than s***!!! How frightening!