Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A very weird dream

I am job hunting. Not one of the most pleasant things I enjoy doing, but it has to be done, so I'm doing it. It's starting to take over my in my sleep though.

Here is my very vivid and memorable nap dream. Nap dreams are always more vivid and memorable to me.

I am finally called to have an interview. (As of yet, I 've put out approximately a jillion resumes and applications an online forms chosen from a wide variety of business places and have not recieved ONE CALL for an interview).

Anyway. I finally have an interview at a museum. I get lost on the way there, so am a little late and befuddled when I walk in. A man who looks like the guy on the fish stick box begins my interview process, telling me a little about the job and then I doze off. I wake to to hear him say, "Let's begin".

He then begins to rapid fire these questions and I'm not sure how to reply so I start saying, huh? and wait? and he's putting those down as my answers and he just keeps talking really fast and I think I might have started to cry.

Then, I say I have to go to the bathroom and I'm crying and I run into someone who looks like a cross between Cloris Leachman and a lady I used to go to church with and she's so excited that I'll be working there and is going on and on about my 'contributions' and 'assets' and I'm just trying to find a bathroom.

In the bathroom I run into Sarah Louise who also works at the museum and I tell her what has happened and she says it's not a problem. She can take over the interview and finish the questions with me. Sarah Louise is wearing horn rimmed glasses and a regular sized tape recorder chained around her neck. She also has a strip of pink hair. She makes me feel better and as we are walking back to the room to finish the interview, we run into to museum curator and SL introduces me to him and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to shake his hand or not because he keeps extending his hand and pulling it back as I try to clasp it.

Then I look down to see that although I am dressed for an interview on top, I have forgotten to change out of my pajama pants which are these pink and blue checked things that I don't even own in real life any more because they looked so bad that I tossed them.

I'm looking down at my pants and then topple over a row of chairs and then the curator walks over me and keeps going. The curator has an entourage and they walk over me, too. Then Cloris Leachman comes to congratulate me and hopes that I will work in her department.

Sarah Louise disappears and then I wake up to the smell of chili that my husband made for lunch.

Weird, eh?


Sarah Louise said...

Hey, sorry for disappearing. This is twice that I've appeared in dreams of folks that read my blog.

Job hunting is the wurst (I meant to misspell that). I am on the hunt myself.



Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is very weird. I'll keep your job hunt in my prayers!

Sue said...

Dreams...they really speak to your stress level. When I started my job hunt when I first moved here I did the same thing, send out a bajillion resumes and felt only dispair because I never heard from ANYONE! My daughter (the english major) told me bluntly, mom, it's not you, it's your resume. Now I'm some help, huh?

shanna said...

What have you been eating? Maybe it was the aroma of the chili...