Thursday, December 28, 2006

A whole new dimension

Tattling has been taken to the nth degree.

My children received digital cameras for Christmas.

There is now visual proof of all wrong doings, mess-makings, nose-pickings, cookie sneakings... what have you.

One child is more apt to 'tell'. She is thisclose to having her camera confiscated.

Also, I have never seen more unflattering pictures of myself than I have these last few days. It ain't pretty. I have banned all pictures of mommy unless I am 'ready'! Ready means lipstick on, hair fluffed, clothing pulled down over my belly. I mean, really. No one wants to see that.

My children love to jump out at me when they think they can make me jump. Now they do it with a flash.

Here's hoping the fascination wears off soon.

So, what did you get for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

At first I thought you said TATTING and I got all excited, then I realized you said was all a bad flash back from there.

When they're grown they stop with the tattling and start with the blackmail.

Good luck with the no pictures of mommy bit!

Anonymous said...

oh this makes me laugh - the only thing that saves me from having a boatload of nasty pictures of myself is that i am the one downloading them into the computer. they seem never to make it to the hard-drive!o

Anonymous said...

LOL evidence!! I think you should set up a contest for the kids, the one who can capture 5 GOOD DEEDS on film in the next week will get $5 (or whatever). That way they are encouraged to DO good deeds and to photograph them!! (photographing yourself not allowed!) LOL

I love that I'm the one with the camera, so there are usually NO pictures of me whatsoever!! LOVE THAT!

shanna said...

SNORT! Of course this would be the natural outcome of digital cameras in the hands of vengeful siblings... Oh what I would have done to my own brother if I'd have had one!

T got a fisher-price digital, but so far she's mostly interested in taking pictures of her toys and sundry household items. I say mostly, which means I better clean up my act; you gotta be ready for that close-up shot anytime, you know!


I'm older than you, but that's not saying much.

Amy A. said...

You guys make me laugh!

Sorry to get you so excited, Paula. I do plan on crafting a bit more this year, but I don't think I'll tackle tatting anytime soon. I'll leave that up to you!

bobbie, I also have the power in my home. Could be my only saving grace.

great idea, Amy! Could be just the remedy I'm looking for.

And Shanna, get ready. It's a short jump from stuff to mom. Better dress cute for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical. I find most of my digi pix are still lifes b/c I don't have a lot of people around and so I don't get practice and so when I do take pix of people they don't come out so great.

Tattling with the digi camera--that is something I would not have thought of.

ejay said...

my kids would love digi cams, i would dread it!! ;-)
my favourite gift was a dymo lextag labeler. best thing, love it!!

Sarah Louise said...

How bizarre that we're now all anonymous--I wonder if this was a beta glitch.