Friday, December 29, 2006

I switched

I have finally succumbed after months of invitations from blogger to switch to the new version. It was a nail biter, let me tell ya.

So far, nothing seems amiss. But let me know if there is something not quite right.

Up next... Resolutions. To resolve or not to resolve. That is the question.


Amy A. said...

A test comment by me.

Also, just noticed this is my 100th post. Yay!

Paula said...

First I switched and nothing changed then I upgraded my template. The upgrade caused me to lose a few links and messed with my stat counter. I had to delete and redo it through the stat counter web site. It only took a few minutes. After I upgraded the template (which didn't change how it looked just the tools) it was sooo much easier to change things.

Woo Hoo for 100 posts!

This is so long I probably should have just emailed you!

Amy A. said...

So far, so good. I didn't lose any links, but I would like to look into putting a stat counter on my site. I'm not that technologically savvy so I don't try new things too often. I'm lucky to get pictures up.

Did you notice I linked you? :)

Paula said...

Oh, Thanks! I'll add you to mine the next time I tinker.

I use It's easy, they walk you through each step and it can be invisible (mine is), and it's FREE!

ejay said...

no resolutions, don't do it! congrats on the switch!! :-)
i love my stat counter, easy peasy to do too!!

Sarah Louise said...

Happy 100! That alone is a celebratory moment, and yay to beta! And what Paula and ejay said about sitemeters, they're really easy to install and good to have.