Monday, December 04, 2006

My Worlds Collide

There are some days when I am up and at 'em. The picture of productivity. The busy bee who gets the job done in no time flat and keeps on ticking. I LOVE it when I am this person.

I love it when people pop over on these days. They discreetly look around and and ask, "Wow, is your house always this clean?" I laugh and tell them they got me on a good day. You never know what you'll get on a surprise visit to my house.

Other days, I feel tender. I need to take care of myself. I may take a long shower and put my pajamas back on. I'll make tea and read or watch an old movie. Maybe bake something or fold some towels, but that's really the limit to what I will do on what I call a 'bless my little heart' day.

Today, I really, really want that soft, easy day. I want to wrap up in my blankie and not move. I feel fine, I'm not sad. In fact, I feel pretty up beat today (except that I had a dental cleaning and no one likes those.)

Unfortunately, I am still cleaning up from the cookies, I have two days of dishes and about 80 gazillion loads of laundry, two bathrooms to clean and I really need to start thinking about Christmas. My list is long today. It is calling my name and I don't want to answer.

So, what will I do? Ignore it all and take my lazy day? Suck it up and get to work?

I'll let you know when I decide.


sistahe said...

i love a good ME day. hope you got a little laze in your day today :-)
and i had to lol @ ppl popping in and looking around discreetly. i always get the "wow your house is SO clean" (cos of course with 5 kids my house would obviously look like a mess at all times ;-)

~sistahe (sorry for the anonymous post, blogger will not let me log in for some reason)

Anonymous said...

I NEED a me day--but even on my partial day off (Thurs) I have to go to an allergist appt at 9:15!