Friday, December 08, 2006

Stories and Worship

Found an interesting book project. You may want to head over to Story and Worship to see what it's about.

Jeff Barker, the author, is asking "What does story have to do with worhsip?" He would like feedback on his stories and comments about your own experiences with story in worship.

Here's a quote:

“What does story have to do with worship?” How would you answer that question? Think of Bible story, history, personal narrative, parable and other stories.

But think also of the structure of story itself.

Regarding the structure of story as a shaping influence for an entire worship service, Tim Wright, one of the pastors at Community Church of Joy, has called it “story-driven worship.” At my home church, we sometimes call it “story-formed worship.” Norma de Waal Malefyt, of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, suggests that we think of worship style as a novel rather than a magazine.

I particularly liked this story.

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