Friday, December 15, 2006

I've learned that...

even the best cat cannot be trusted.

I should rearrange the Christmas ornaments when the kids aren't looking so as to not hurt their feelings.

butternut squash is DE-lish! Love it. Can't believe I've gone thirty-ahem, cough, cough, years without it.

I will never buy metallic gift wrap again. Pretty, but tape doesn't stick. I keep accusing the kids of peeking.

it is possible to bake without tasting. A new skill I hope to employ throughout the season of baking.

freezing the bananas makes a better smoothie.

being a morning person is easier than I thought it could be.

exercise isn't so terrible.

I really do prefer a white Christmas. Where is my snow?

I can only push down my slobby tendencies so long before they emerge and force me to leave piles around my home.

working a very part time job and being home, even in an empty house, is a good thing for me.

I'm nicer when I don't eat sugar.

choosing presents gets harder every year.

Thats all for now. What have you learned lately?


Anonymous said...

Oh this was such a fun post!! (We lose a few ornaments every year to the cats!) What have I learned? Um, let's see...when you agree as a family not to buy gifts for adult siblings or nieces and nephews, you will then overcompensate for your own child out of guilt. Switching off the breakers in the house before vacation is a good idea, unless you switch off the fridge. And, against all teachings by the horror-film industry, it is safe to meet the FedEx guy in a post office parking lot after dark to pick up a perishable gift he was unable to leave at your door.

Amy A. said...

Wow! Good ones.

Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

I've learned:

You never know whose reading (a co-worker's daughter found my post on dessert at her mom's house!)

I need more time alone at the holidays. There's a Catch-22 situation!!

Don't wear a dress you're uncomfortable in to a party.

PMS comes early for Christmas...

Amy A. said...

That first one is scary, SL! And I agree about the comfortable dress.