Friday, December 01, 2006

More cookies

It's fund raiser time at our middle school. We were asked to bring cookies. Lots of 'em.

A rainbow of frosting. Cream cheese. Yum.

Aren't they so beautiful? I don't want anyone to eat them.

Doesn't that look homey? There is just something so satisfying about Christmas baking.

Here's the best part. I put my name on a list to bake for other people and THEY PAID ME! Need some baking done? I'm for hire.

Here's a tip for your cut outs. Instead of rolling them out with flour, use powdered sugar. That way your cookies don't taste like paste, as cut outs are wont to do.

Now I need to settle down and get some Christmas gifts made. Anyone have any good ideas for a small, simple, quick, inexpensive favor to give to people I appreciate or have affection for? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

pretty pretty cookies! i'm going to try that sugar tip for rolling the cookies. i hate that floury taste :(
i've got to get my kids well so we can bake, get flour on the ceiling and all that fun stuff :)

hope you don't mind my visiting and posting :)


Amy A. said...

Welcome, sis! I love having you stop by. I'll go by and visit you too. (Your profile is not activated so I couldn't visit your site, but now that you left your address, I'll be over! Thanks.)

Hope you all get well soon.

sistahe said...

yeah, i know about the profile, it's my way of trying to stay a bit more anonymous online....anyone can just toss the blogspot address onto my sig and find their way to me....usually ;-)

shanna said...

I love your cookies! Wow! the only way I'd have the patience to do that many would be if a couple funny, great friends came over and entertained me with their stories and some good holiday music.

Sigh. Ain't gonna happen.
But I LOVE your cookies.

No idea for the small giftie right now, but I'll leave a post if I have one.

Anonymous said...

I don't bake cookies (there's only two of us at the holidays) but the tip about using powdered sugar instead of flour? I AM SO USING THAT!! It's one of those "duh" ideas that make you wonder why you couldn't have thought of that yourself (but I didn't!) THANK YOU!!