Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer Freedom

My glorious three months of summer have been reduced to one week.

Until next week, we are busy with swim lessons, softball, baseball, baton lessons, movie making, thinking up parade float ideas (don't ask), pizza parties, sleep overs, and in general, running amok.

Then, there is one blessed week on the calendar with NOTHING on it! (Except for two sports physicals, but those hardly count.)

Then it all starts again. Only different, because we will be six in a minivan traveling thousands of miles together and having a busy and hopefully fun time. Then there will be back to school shopping, getting ready for more sports, cleaning closets, enrolling for school, etc.

I could use a good snow storm right about now. But not on my one week, that is reserved for the pool and frozen cokes, good books and... Never mind. If I think too hard I will fill that week up, too.

1 comment:

Caryn said...

Wow! Sounds like things are pretty busy. Better than boredom, though. :-)