Friday, July 07, 2006

My hubby, the independent film director

He's the guy in blue. He is amazing! He has written the screenplay, hired cast and crew, contacted investors and is even his own cinematographer after the one he thought he had backed out.

Shooting began June 19 and is scheduled to wrap July 15. He has a small crew and cast but it is still a huge undertaking. It has been a very busy few weeks for us. But these are exciting times.

Filmmaking is his passion (besides me, hee hee) and we are praying that this will be the first of many stepping stones in the right direction toward a full time career in the movie making business. He is talented but it's a hard business to break into, especially living in the middle of the nowhere, like we do. But he is taking opportunities as they come and we are excited for the future.

So, if you are the praying sort, please send some up for us! Specifically, we are still trying to get investors for the rest of the budget, pray for good weather and smooth sailing, and for the editing process and post production to go well. If you are curious, go here to see some production photos. It's not very comprehensive, but you'll get the idea of what we've been up to.


bobbie said...

cool beans!

shanna said...

This is so very cool. Man, moviemaking is some kind of hard work. We're talking about intermittent tedium, punctuated by five-alarm chaos kind of hard work.

So what's the movie about?

Ground Zero said...

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